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What is Akasuri Scrub? How often should I get one?
Akasuri Scrub is a traditional Japanese/Korean way of body scrubbing technique to slough off dead skin. You can actually see your dead skin while on the process of scrubbing. You will instantly feel squeaky clean and see your skin glow right after the session. It also removes body odor and improve blood circulation. Akasuri means red scrub, it will make your skin reddish as we do the scrub.

You can safely have your Akasuri Scrub once a week.

What is Dragon Foot?
Dragon Foot is our modern version of foot spa. It is a very effective fruit acid solution that peels off deadskin and removes thick calluses, evenly. The peeling process runs up to 7 days to complete. Also, it is safe, painless and addictive.

You can safely get one once a month.

What is Ginza Massage?
Ginza Massage is a fusion of Swedish and Reflexology to soothe sore muscles, relaxes body & mind and induce sleep. It improves blood circulation too.

What is Face Brightening Peel?
Face Brightening Peel – perfect for deep scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentations, fine wrinkles and most skin imperfections as it effectively penetrates the skin resulting to a satisfying, effective peeling with visible dramatic results for just one session. Say bye to your traditional facial.

You can safely have one every 5 weeks, maximum of 4 times each year.

What is Underarm Brightening Peel?
Underarm Brightening Peel – is the answer to your underarm discoloration problem, though it is normal and nothing you should be ashamed of, but you have to admit, nice-looking, brighter underarms can really boost your confidence! See result even after the first session. Way better than over-the-counter whitening creams which takes years for you to see a little improvement.

You may safely get one every 5 weeks.

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